UPDATE on Peruvian Girl

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Peruvian Consul General Julio Cardenas reports that the 13 year old girl and her mother are doing well in Tokyo.  Currently they are staying in a home provided by the Consul.  The girl has been able to see a priest and a psychologist in Tokyo.  The mother has been able to get some medical attention for hypertension.

The Consul has been working with the Shizuoka police and with the school board in Fujinomiya.  The Consul could not comment on the investigation as it is ongoing.  An employee at the consulate who asked to remain anonymous noted on the telephone that, "Right now we are doing all we can to care for the needs of the family.  The mother has her younger son in Tokyo as well.  Our main concern is to provide for their well being."

The consulate has retained legal representation with Kotaro Tanaka.  The law firm would only confirm they are conducting legal representation and cooperating with the Consul and with authorities.

Questions still remain as to why the Japanese media has ignored this story.  The Japan Times Herald has sent this story to all major news outlets, including English language, and has received no reply as of the posting of this update.

By Rev. Daniel Rea, Managing Editor


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