Japan's Election Makes No Difference

Frank Rizzo

Regardless of which party would have sealed a majority, the reality is the fact it would not matter in terms of of Japan's operation.

In 2009, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) gave the ruling LDP a thrashing.  The outcome was that even though opposition Yukio Hatoyama replaced the LDP's Taro Aso as Prime Minister the change made absolutely no difference to how Japan operated politically, diplomatically, or financially.  What occurred is that those in power, the bureaucrats who hold their position for life which were likely inherited from family, simply brought government operation to a halt.

Many in the pension offices across Japan took up to 90 days to approve new pensions where before it took only 7 to 10 days.  Bureaucrats in government ministries had projects cut or delayed.  The Infrastructure Ministry intentionally held up bridge construction across Japan for over two years from 2009 to 2011.  Both of these actions had their desired effect - make the DPJ look bad and undermine DPJ leadreship. 

It worked, and the Tohoku Disaster in 2011 was seen as blessing for the LDP.  LDP supporting bureaucrats held up emergency aid and funding for almost 6 months to victims of the disaster.  This created rage among the victims who put the blame on Prime Minister Naoto Kan and later his replacement, Noda.  This backlash brought the LDP back to power in elections in December 2012.

This is the reason that Sunday's election would make no difference.  The bureaucrats who actually run the government would sabotage any victory by an opposition party.

Japan is owned and run by conservative bureaucrats who speak no language other than Japanese and know nothing about the world outside Japan.  These men can be found in the ministries. They form the unelected government of Japan. These are the unelected and unappointed who, for instance, sit on the Education Ministry and preside over an English education system that produces graduates who place LAST in the world on the TOEFL IBT speaking section. 

These are the same men who brought you Fukushima Dai-ichi, Monju and Tokaimura. These are the men who have turned Japan from one of the world's most beautiful countries into one of its ugliest, through the tools of concrete, dams, retaining walls and tetrapods.

The ministers' partners in crime are the large corporations tied to the large banks (zaibutsu) that insist on hiring graduates in mass hiring ceremonies, rather than adopting flexible hiring practices like those of major companies elsewhere in the world. 

The result is an educational system geared entirely to getting hired straight out of a good school by a large company. For the vast majority of students who fail at this goal, they are ruined by the process. All of their spirit and creativity is beaten out of them (the same, of course, can be said of those who succeed in getting hired by the big companies, but at least they get lifetime employment). The educational system is designed to serve the needs of large companies, not the people of the country. Look at the passive, risk-averse, uncreative graduates of Japan's educational system. What good will they do the country? What good will they do themselves?

It really doesn't matter. Nothing can change this. In a short time, Korean, China, Singapore and Hong Kong will eat Japan for lunch and spit out the bones. Japan has created the perfect perpetual motion machine: a system which produces passive slaves who are trained not to rock the boat. It works until it is too old to work, or gets taken over or bought by a more dynamic and healthy culture. 

That's all there is to it.

Japan is right now in full-spectrum collapse, with an aging population, radioactive food, an unelected government, vast national debt etc, and the author of an article on Japan's biggest problems honestly believes that poor bicycle manners and hungry wild boar merit inclusion in the list of Japan's top 10 problems. That, right there, tells you how badly they have been done in by their government and their educational system.

Sunday's results make no difference no matter which party would have won.


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