Typhoon Halong Now Threatens Russia

Shikoku Storm Surge

Typhoon Halong just will not stop and after leaving Japan into the Sea of Japan has grown in strength again.  

Typhoon Halong, a powerful storm that has already wreaked havoc in Japan, is expected to make landfall in Russia's Far East by Monday evening, Primorye region officials warned. 

Flooding, power outages and other material damage can be expected as a result of the brutal storm, the Emergency Situations Ministry's regional branch said in a warning issued Saturday.

According to the warning, up to 120 millimeters of rainfall could inundate the region in less than 12 hours. The water levels of the region's rivers are also expected to rise by at least half a meter.

The ministry encouraged Primorye residents to forego outdoor pursuits such as fishing and hunting until the storm passes. 

Authorities added that Vladivostok, a city of 600,000 that serves as the administrative center of the Primorye region, would not be spared the storm's impact.

Typhoon Halong made landfall in Japan on Saturday near the southwestern city of Aki. As of Sunday afternoon, the storm had killed two people and injured 43 others, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.  One man was swept away by a river in Mie Prefecture and another man in Hyogo Prefecture drowned while surfing in the storm surge at a local beach.

More than a million residents in Japan had reportedly been evacuated from their homes to escape Halong's wrath.  They returned to their homes on Sunday evening.

NHK, Jiji, Kyodo


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